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Important Links for your reference:

General Links:
* Links for Linux enthusiasts:
   The Main Linux project:              
   Linux project for India:                
   Linux Headquarters:                     
   Linux localization project:             
   The GNU Home page:                
Links for Internet Security subject (B.Sc. I.T.):
* Links for reference books:
   First Edition of main reference book: 
   Reference text for firewalls:                
   Additional firewall reference:
   The Hacking Exposed reference book:
   Cryptography & Network security - Atul Kahate (Learning centre)
* Other reference material & tools:
  The Botnet/trojan detectors:        
  The free firewall:                            
  The intruder detection tools:
  Other Network security tools:
  Security vulnerability scanners:    

Important Disclaimer:  The information mentioned on this page is purely for educational purpose only. Any damage or loss of any kind caused to anybody by its use is not my responsibility. Viewers shall be solely responsible for using the content given in the links.

Rajesh Watve

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