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Important Downloads for B.Sc. (I.T.) students:
*  List of new reference books for B.Sc.I.T. Semester V & VI all subjects:
*  Request for comments (RFC) 2196 required for Internet Security subject :
*NEW* -  Latest Updated Syllabus for Bsc. I.T. All Semesters *NEW
* Additional reference for Cryptography section in Internet security:
Other Downloads:
* More details about R.M.Watve's Linux Distribution 1.1
* Complete Package List for R.M.Watve's Linux Distribution 1.1
(Note: To view these files, just click on the link. To download, right click on link and choose 'Save Target As' & give appropriate path for download. )

Please visit this page regularly for latest information download.

Please submit your feedback/requirement for downloads from my site.

Rajesh Watve

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